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Graveyard Society: Eve is a laugh-out-loud horror comedy from Everett D. Wair, Sr., that has surprisingly poignant and delightful themes and moral lessons.

Graveyard Society: Eve from Everett D. Wair, Sr. is a new helping of horror comedy with explicit adult themes. The story follows the death of a churchgoing Chicago woman, Eve, who is gunned down on a cold winter night, and her subsequent revival as a ghost in Oak Wood Cemetery on the South Side of Chicago. The cemetery is a place where spirits and ghosts spend their time, waiting for their final transition to either heaven or hell. While Eve whiles away her time in Oak Wood, her best friend, who is another spirit, stops by and informs her of what’s been happening in the living world since she died, including that her daughter is now living a life replete with sin under the control of the neighborhood pimp. 

Now, Eve finds herself on a mission to rescue her daughter from sin, but in doing so, she might have to reveal a long-hidden secret in the process.

Graveyard Society: Eve is a laugh-out-loud story, full of twists and turns and a surprisingly poignant and resonant lesson about morality and the importance of living in good faith.

Scary Stuff and Funny Moments?

The genres of comedy and horror are as opposite as opposites can be. Satire makes us laugh, while spectacle makes us scared. However, there has been a growing trend of works of art that mix these two genres, creating a hybrid known as comedy horror.

Comedy horror often features adult themes like sex, violence, and drug use. This is because these themes can be used to create humor and shock value. For example, a scene in a comedy horror film might show a character being chased by a wolf monster while naked. This scene has the potential to be both scary and funny, as it creates a very interesting and jarring juxtaposition.

Why is horror comedy making a big splash?

Audiences and readers are now seeking new and exciting ways to be entertained. Comedy horror works offer a unique experience that is both scary and funny, presenting quite a novel selection. 

These type of works often deal with difficult topics such as death, sex, and violence. However, they do so in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. This can make them a valuable tool for exploring these themes with a broader audience.

Finally, it is a brilliant avenue for subverting expectations. These works often occur in familiar settings, such as high schools, summer camps, and haunted houses. However, there is a great potential for a twist or several in these typical settings that delve into something new and unexpected. 

Examples of Horror Comedy

If you still can’t get the buzz of these kinds of narratives, perhaps an example or two is needed. Here are some famous and trope-heavy examples of horror comedy:

  • In the film Shaun of the Dead, the protagonist, Shaun, is a slacker with no idea how to deal with a zombie apocalypse. However, he ultimately has to find the courage to stand up to the zombies and save his family. It’s funny, and it’s heartwarming, despite dealing with the adult themes of violence and death.
  • The TV show American Horror Story is known for its dark and disturbing storylines, but it also features a lot of humor, including self-deprecating jokes and a ton of pop culture references. This mix of horror and comedy makes the show both scary and entertaining to many viewers while also helping them deal with some of the very mature themes presented in the show.
  • Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a comedy horror film about two hillbillies mistaken for serial killers by a group of college students; while it does feature a lot of violence and gore, it is also very funny because the violence is often over-the-top and hilariously cartoonish.

Laughing With the Monsters Chasing You

There are plenty of reasons why you would enjoy a horror comedy. A compelling one is that it can be a way to release tension. Horror and comedy often help readers and viewers release the pressure they have built up because of stress or work.

Comedy horror is also a way to explore complex topics in a lighthearted way. This genre often deals with serious issues such as death, sex, and violence. However, they do so in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. 

And lastly, comedy horror can be a great way to subvert expectations that create a satisfying sense of surprise and excitement for its fans.

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